Jumat, 11 April 2008

According to survey Netcraf ( in the early September month moon sum up the web reach the number 135,166,473 from whole world. There is accretion 7.2 million from yesterday. The amount fanciful enough, one of its cause is popping out nya of online blogging and web community.
Whether/What web of great friend of[is inclusive of in it?. Having web is hard.. Requiring consistency and managemen which have continuation. Otherwise hence the web will be ‘ dead’ in the centre of belantara
illusory world. Even in a few case, web give the bad image of because have never been updated or is not managed.
Aphorism spell out members to look after harder than making. Making web or blog can be spelled out members easy to even very easy ( in certain specification),
enough a few/little understanding English and time of few minutes have deflected to finish. But looking after it in order not to ‘ simply’ life and visited by the devoted visitor is do not easy to.
A website ‘ successful’ is web capable to anaesthetize all
visitor ( netter) to always wish to pay a visit to return the. nice Web.
representing combination of dynamic desain and content, is not mute ( replying all input) and is not old if opened (loading). In the following is some tips of so that/ to be our web can come up the ‘ GOOD’ and make forbear staying visitor.
1. clear target
big! if great friend only wish simply coming up or having web. A aimless web and clear direction / focus will only make confuse and disappointed of visitor. Hereinafter the the owner will broken spirit of. Defining beforehand what wishing presented, whose audience and what its goals. If develop builded by team, hence sit with and pour the idea in documentation plan is matter is obliged to. Follow the example of the target a web is : company profile, selling product, tutorial, community, blog, seeking, program dsb.
2. well guaranted Place Hosting
not applicable for web managed in server by xself. Hosting representing place which we rent for the saving of web and database what we have made the. Rent which on the market penyedia of service hosting usually during monthly with the certain specification like : space, bandwith, mail, pop3, database, milist, report dsb. Don'T have too cheap tergiur price! Because it is possible that ill defined penyedianya. And don't forget the facility of Control panel as. center the arrangement web shall is easy to comprehended.
3. Name Domain
Chosening name domain shall not promiscuously. Because by the name of that's us will be remembered by visitor web forever. If we chosen the hard name remembered or make the visitor have potency ‘ wrong’ type is hence ascertained by a visitor decrease or can being lost. Inclusive of avoiding code “-“,”_” in election of name domain unless perforced. suffix Domain adapted for by content web made. If a
web institution or organizational of mustinya end in the . org or
For the content of which general or smell the business, . com is its choice.
Is suggested to buy the name domain with renting hosting in place differ. This intended by us to can manage the domain and hosting separately so that there no irrespective side other dissimilar.

Selasa, 08 April 2008

How To Start To Learn the Desain Graphical??

How to start to learn the Graphical Desain? It is true that a very question elementary for a desiner beginner..
Graphical Definition Desain: is one of artistic form paint the terapan giving
freedom to the desainer to chosen, to creating, or arranging
aspect element of like illustration, photo, article, and mark with lines above an surface with an eye to be produced and communicated by as a message. Draw and also sign
used can in the form of other media or typography like graphical or fotografi.Desain picture
is generally applied in the world of advertisement, packaging, perfilman, and others.
There are some figure express its opinion about graphical desain is which I take away from the situs
According to graphical Suyanto desain defined by as " application from artistic skill and
communications for the requirement of business and industry". This application can cover the advertisement and product sale, creating visual identity for the institution of, product and company, and graphical environment, desain information, and visually complete the message in publicizing.
While Jessica Helfand in situs defining graphical desain
as complex combination of words and draw the, number and graph, and photos illustration requiring special opinion from a individual which can join this elemen-eleman, so that they can yield the special something that, very good for, surprising or catchy subversif something that or.
According to graphical Danton Sihombing desain employ various element of like marka,
symbol, breakdown of verbal visualizinged by pass the good picture and typography with the technique
photography and or illustrate the. The element applied in two function, as
visual peripheral and communications peripheral.
According to visual Michael Kroeger of communication ( visual communications) is practice of and theory concepts of through/ passing visual terma-terma by using colour, form the, and line
juxtaposition ( juxtaposition).
Categorize The Graphical Desain
Marginally, differentiated to graphical desain become some category:
1.Printing loading desain book, magazine, poster, booklet, leaflet, flyer, pamphlet, advertisement, and other dissimilar publicizing is which of a kind.
2.Web Desain: desain for the page of web.
3.Film of is inclusive of CD, DVD, CD Multimedia for the promotion of.
4.Identify The ( Logo), EGD ( Environmental Graphic Design : representing desain professional including graphical desain, desain architect, industrial desain, and garden architect.
5.Desain Product, Packet and of a kind.
Along of divided to graphical desain become some category hence medium for the mengolah of even also
different each other, base on requirement and target of masterpiece making.

1. Processor Application Arrange The Situation ( Layout)
Program this is often used for brochure making, pamphlet, booklet, poster, and other dissimilar which of a kind. Program this able to arrange the location of text and picture which is is taken away from by a other;dissimilar program ( like Adobe Photoshop). What is the included in this group is:
- Adobe FrameMaker
-Adobe In Design
-Adobe PageMaker
-Corel Ventura
-Microsoft Publisher
-Quark Xpress
2. Application of Processor Vektor
Program which is the included in this group applicable to make the picture
in the form of vektor / mark with lines so that is often conceived of by Illustrator Program. Entire/All object yielded by in the form of combination [of] some line, good in the form of straight line and also tortous. Application which is the included in this group is:
- Adobe Illustrator
- Beneba Canvas
- CorelDraw
- Macromedia Freehand
- Metacreations Expression
- Micrografx Designer
3. Application of Processor Pixel/gravis
Program which is the included in this group can be exploited for the mengolah of
draw the / photo manipulation ( photo retouching). Sham of object processed in
the progam-program considered to be by combination of some dot / pixel owning
certain colour and closeness, for example, photo. Draw in photo formed of by some
corps pixel owning certain colour and closeness. Nonetheless, program
what is the included in this group earn also mengolah text and mark with lines, however
dianggapa as corps pixel. Object imported from processor program
vektor / mark with lines, after processed with the program of processor pixel / dot automatically will converted to become the form pixel / dot.
What is the included in this application is:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Corel Photo Paint
- Macromedia Xres
- Metacreations Painter
- Metacreations Live Picture
- Micrografx Picture Publisher
- Microsoft Photo Editor
- Wright Image

4.Application of Processor Multimedia
Program which is the included in this group is usually used to make a
masterpiece in the form of Multimedia contain the promotion, company profile, and also the equivalent and tidy in the form of CD and also DVD. The Multimedia can contain the film / movie, animation, text, draw, and voice which dirancan in such a manner so that message
submitted/sent by more interktif and draw. What is the included in this group is:
- Macromedia
- Macromedia Authorware
- Macromedia Director
- Macromedia Flash
- Multimedia Builder
- Ezedia
- Hyper Studio
- Ovation Studio Pro
- Macromedia Director
- Macromedia Flash
- Multimedia Builder
- Ezedia
- Hyper Studio
- Ovation Studio Pro.

Sabtu, 05 April 2008

Bringing Back Missing Folder ( Windows XP)

By : Davit Krniawan

There is a simple story like this ;

“ My computer is incured by virus, after me scan use antivirus, that virus succeeding losed or cleaned, but when after I restart there are some Folder in my computer is missing”.

“ Flashdisk incured by virus, after in scan use the antivirus, flashdisk free from the
virus of but why when that flasdisk is I try to open in other dissimilar computer a lot of folder which lose, have tried searched by Properties
is Tools, Folder Option, View, Show Hidden
Files And Folders, can be seen but to throw awa
y the checklist of at Attribut of but still
cannot be activated

From two the problem inferential that our place computer work attacked by a virus which berekstensikan . scr.
Way of this virus job very simple that is fox of each every folder of exist in or computer flashdisk become the file applikasi with the capacities duplicated become 32 Kb ( written
our moment open). and when trying in cleaning to use the antivirus from one of
vendor, the virus can in eliminating but effect generat
ed from mentioned scanning
is folder-folder attacked by this virus become to lose
In fact the folder do not just lose is but by hidden it. And missing folder
we can bring back by menggukan govern the attrib of at command prompt.
Way of very simple once but before paring how t
o bring back the Folder
the missing is we will pare a few/little about this attribute.
To see the Properties attribute can be done/c
onducted with two way of that is :

  1. Through Windows Prompt
  2. Through Command Prompt

    Command Attribute put hand to the PACK of command prompt, owning some wrong function
    the other one is to set t

    - read-only file attribute
    - Archive file attribute
    - System File Attibut
    - Hidden File Attribut

    To bring back the the missing Folder use the way of secondly that is
    through/ passing command prompt
    As for its step shall be as follows :

    1. clik start
    2. La Later Then typing of word cmd. ter Then select choose run.
    3. Later Then typing of word cmd
    4. Here in after will emerge the command prompt

    So this is shares of is real crux of our solution is this, at command this prompt is we type the attrib /? To know some comand of atproperties attribute of through/ passing command prompt

  3. 6. hereinafter at the pompt will emerge the sederatan sentence explainin

    about attribute of like :

    - tanda (+) untuk sets an attribute

    - tanda (– ) untuk Clears an attribute

    - huruf R untuk read-only file attributes

    - huruf A untuk Archive file attribute

    - huruf S untuk System file attribute

    - huruf H untuk Hidden file attribute

    - / S to process the file equation in previous folder and all subfolder.

    - / D for the process of to be done/conducted to folder itself.

    7. Return to the missing Folder hence comand which we type at

    this command prompt is : ( typing this comand [at] Drive C:\> or D:\> or

    where there is missing Folder).

    attrib – s – h *.* / S / D

    8. Hereinafter refresh computer or all drive [of] exist in our computer, its result

    is BAM !!!, the missing folder reappear.
    Become now we needn't worry again by folder is missing because attacked
    virus . scr.
    Even we can open the folder others which is in hidden
    safe to try.

Rabu, 19 Maret 2008

More Impresif with the
Graph Interactife.
graph Interaktif in Powerpoint? Click a bar of at graph, and emerge the boldness of concerning the bar. Surely draw to flavouring Your presentation. Way of its making enough easy to
even have to melewati phase which long enough. The key is Triggers of at animation. With clicking something, You'D trigger the ( trigge ring) other effect.
1. Running presentation program ( Powerpoint), and click the File*New. Select Choose the layout slid which can accomodate the chart or graph.
2. Including graph to slid. Click twice icon chart of at slid. Including important file-file presented by because You'D make the graph which is not complicated. Select;Choose the type of graph of Clustered Column, and hide the gridline of at graph.
3. Running presentation program ( Powerpoint), and click the File*New. Select Choose the layout slid which can accomodate the chart or graph. Click to activate the graph, last [of] right click, and select choose the Grouping* Ungroup. Depress the knob O.K. when emerging commemoration
loss of data of if/when You do/conduct the ungrouping. Later Then do/conduct the process ungrouping again. Including graph to slid. Click twice icon chart of at slid. Including file-file important presented by because You'D make the graph which is not complicated..
4. So that/ to be chart interaktif more interesting, we do/conduct a few/little formatting. We make the graph and box of text have effect to 3D. Text box load the boldness to each every bar of at graph. Inserting word “ Click” in each every bar with clicking bar right, last select choose the Add Text. different Bubuhkan Colour to each every bar. Colour the text box of according to bar colour which have correlation to with the 134.
5. Because animation of axial line will not and number of at chart, You can do/conduct the grouping to the element. Its way, at the same time button the Ctrl, click one per one the element. Right click, and select choose Grouping*Group.
6. Click the first text box ( colour yellow), giving animation Exit Disappear. Fill the field Start with the opdon of With Previous. Do/Conduct the same thing to 3 other text box.
7. Now, click the first bar ( colour yellow). Give the animation Entrance Ascend and fill the field Start with the opdon With Previous. Do/Conduct the same thing to 3 other bar. But giving delay antarbar ( bar 1=0; bar 2=0,2; bar 3=0,4; bar 4=0,6) in tab Effect Options*Timing.
8. Next step is Triggers. Click the first text box ( colour yellow). Give the animation of Entrance Fade. Open the box dialogued Effect Options. In tab Timing, fill in, for example number 0,3 in field Delay, and select;choose the opdon of With Previous of at field Start. Click the knob
Triggers. Click the knob of radio of Start effect on click of, and select choose the name first bar as trigger.
9. Click the text box of second ( pepper and salt). Give the animation of Exit Fade. Open the box dialogued by Effect Options, and do/conduct like at step ke-8. Later Then, do/conduct the same thing for the box of text 3 and 4.
10. Then click the text box of second. Giving animation of Entrance Fade. In box dialogued by Effect Options, fill in the number 0,3 in field Delay, but selecting opdon of On Click in field Start. In shares Triggers, select choose.
11. Click the text box of first, giving animation of Exit Fade. Open the box dialogued by Effect Options, fill in the delay 0,3 second and select;choose the opdon of With Previous. Don'T forget the, triggernya is bar of second. Doing/Conducting same thing for the box of text 3 and 4.
12. Now click the text box of third. Giving animation of Entrance Fade. In box dialogued by Effect Options, fill in the number 0,3 in field Delay, and select choose the opdon of On Click in field Start. In shares Triggers, select;choose the bar name of third as trigger.
13. Click the text box of first, giving animation of Exit Fade. Open the box dialogued by Effect Options, fill in the delay 0,3 second, and select;choose the opdon of With Previous. Don'T forget the, triggernya is bar of third. Doing/Conducting same thing for the box of text 2 and 4.
14. Click the text box of fourth. Giving animation of Entrance Fade. In box dialogued by Effect Options, fill in the number 0,3 in field Delay, select;choose the opdon of On Click in field Start. [In] shares Triggers, select;choose the bar name of fourth as trigger.
15. Click the text box of first, giving animation of Exit Fade. Open the box dialogued by Effect Options, fill in the delay 0,3 second, and select;choose the opdon of With Previous. Don'T forget the, triggernya is bar of fourth. Doing/Conducting same thing for the box of text 2 and 3.

Senin, 17 Maret 2008


We often see the web of photo gallery so its beloved is come up in page yard web, there is
static with out animation, but there is also using animation flash of so that/ to be seeing more
ciamik, possible some of us will think the, Difficult Hmmm…. yes make the web photo
gallery like that.
You possibly will change mind because constructively adobe photoshop CS3
we earn easily make the web of photo gallery as easy as counting/calculating 1,2,3.
Even CS3 by xself have figured in the template style which sweet enough and there is also
of ber-flash. will tau its way, please read the this brief article here in after.

First of tama make a new folder, and place all photo which wish
made by web of photo gallery in one the folder as well as preparing empty folder to
later as repository of result of from process of web of photo gallery.
After folder and photo have been prepared, now open the adobe photoshop CS3, and
step into the file > automate > web of photo gallery ( like at screenshot of below/under)

Hence will emerge the menu of like following
Select Choose its style ( is wrong except that there is 20 style)
If you will can enter/include the enamel, later;then use folder and browse to determine the location folder
photo place which wish made by gallery Click the destination for the place of menyimpan location of result of making of web gallery, click knob. option to do/conduct the setting to banner, size measure images, thumbnails, colour, type of font and

To be detail every option from picture of[is above, Experiment reader can by xself, because
It is true very easy. If according to you have enough setting for the web of gallery which is
being made, hence you only omit to click OK. Hence Photoshop CS3 will do altogether till finish, await a few moments
until all image finish in proses.maka afterwards we will automatically step into the web browser with the
result of web photo gallery is we make. Following sampe result from using style simple vertical



RECALLING past often generate the liking feeling. There is
a period of/to liking and sorrowful enriching our life, and in consequence we
often saving of memory photos from past. But photo album having limitation. As time passes, photo will fadeor turn yellow. Others photograph only can be enjoyed by one who
because memory is only owned by the people, and our kadangkala forget the momen which have taken place.Overcoming this limitation, now emerge the trend to make the
album photograph in the form of video. Excess form this format, photo can
kept therewith text reminding we memory willhappened. Others we can enter/include the music which depicting our personality, as well as including voice into the video.
In this tutorial is we will learn how to make thealbum video photograph with the program of Adobe Premiere Pros 2.0. Photos
earn the discan, is then improve;repaired with the program Photoshop of so that/ to be colour its genuiness can reappear.Differ from the other tutorial, photos which wish presented
altogether have on file in layer-layer in Photoshop.
There is containing layer photograph in this time, frame the photo, text, tender age photo, and background. Let us start...

Making Album Photograph by
Photoshop and Premiere Pro 2.0

1. Open the program AdobePremiere Pros 2.0, then click the icon New Project to making project
new. At box dialogued by New Project select;choose the DV – RATCH Standard 48 Khz
to make the DVD of photo Album.
Afterwards select;choose the location projek with clicking knob Browse, and
giving this name projek by the name of Photo Album, last depress the knob O.K..
2. Select;Choose the menu File*Import, last select;choose the file Johan.Psd
residing in tutorial DVD. this File Photoshop contain all photo
what is required in practice. At window Import The Layered File : Johan.Psd click the option Sequence of exist in choice box Import the Ace, last depress the knob O.K..
3. At trilateral window Project click residing in to from other side the folder Champion to present all layer imported from Photoshop. Click right [at] layer Video 1, then select;choose the
Add Tracks to add the layer video.
4. Type 3 at box dialogued by Add of Video Tracks,
last depress the knob O.K.. Alter the name of each layer video by clicking the right layer video, then select;choose the Rename. Typing new name, later;then continue by button the
Enter. Alter name layer Video 6 becoming Photo Now, layer Video 5 becoming Text of Remind Me, layer Video 4 becoming Frame, layer Video 3 becoming Tender Age Photo, layer Video 2 becoming Boldness Text, layerVideo 1 becoming Background. Click the Champion photo / existing johan.psd in Library, and draw into the layer Photograph Now. Later;Then shift the
the photo so that/ to be residing in precisely in right position under.
5. Now we will entitle the film by depressing menu File*New*Title. At box of choice of New Title, giving Title name, last depress the knob
O.K.. Type the title of Flashback of Johan’S Life, later;then depress the icon Selection, and icon Center. You
can alter the style by chosening one of style which have been provided, in this tutorial is writer chosen the style. Shift so that title reside in the midst, later;then depress the knob Close residing in right corner for.
6. Now draw the title which have been made, and place at layer Background. Way of doing/conducting it the is same as at step 9.Perbesarlah layer Photograph Now from 6 second become 72 second ( 1 minute, 12 second) by clicking right draw the Champion/ Johan.Psd of exist in timeline, then chosen the Speed / duration.
7. Click to enchain is here in, right side. last alter the Duration become 00:01:12:00. Enchaining have to be released by a speed changing. Become don't forget to depress to enchain so that apart. If have, depress the knob O.K..
8. Draw the photo Background/Johan.Psd of exist in library to layer Background in side Title. Enlarge the size measure the photo in Window Program so that close over entire/all black area. Then draw the Photo 01 / Johan.Psd, Frame the / johan.psd, The Picture remind me, and Text 01 / Johan.Psd into layer other
9. Draw the right side fill from layer of Text of Remind Me Frame, and parallel Background so that by layer Photograph Now. Placing all other;dissimilar Text and Photo residing in library into Timeline.
10. So that/ to be better result, we will give the transition. Its way easy, that is with clicking tab Effects, then clickbeside Video Transitions, later;then chosen the transition what is wanted, and draw it into timeline Last step is which Your need do/conduct is make the
project become the DVD. Click the menu of File*Export*Export to DVD, last
select;choose the Burn to Disc, Folder, or ISO Image. Afterwards click the knob
Burn. You can see the result render from video tutorial by opening End Result file.

INFO Excess from affiliation of Photoshop and
Premiere is automatically change will affect at file of project Premiere of if we alter the file foto.psd. Become which Your need do/conduct only merender repeat. You earn also enhance the audio by importing audio file, then enter/include it into timeline Audio 1. Facility of Export to DVD of there's only in Adobe Premiere Pros 2.0.

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